Bay West announces Donovan Hannu as Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Bay West announces Donovan Hannu as Chief Operating Officer (COO)

June 23, 2021 · Commercial, State, Municipal, Federal ·

Bay West’s growth continues with internal promotion of Donovan Hannu as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Bay West LLC, an environmental consulting and industrial services company headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, is pleased to announce the internal promotion of Donovan Hannu to Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective June 1, 2021. Mr. Hannu had been serving as Bay West’s Director of Operations for the past two years. He currently oversees Bay West’s day-to-day operations, manages the most efficient use of our resources and leads our operational budgeting and staffing efforts.

Donovan is a Professional Engineer that has been involved with the local environmental consulting market in Minneapolis/St. Paul for more than 31 years, with the last 10 of these years spent at Bay West. His career began in the “boom days” of petroleum release investigations and clean-ups. He later became involved with the growth of the local Brownfield development markets. Mr. Hannu’s role was primarily technical during the first 25 years, until Bay West’s leadership team worked with Donovan to modify his role and take advantage of his passion for superior execution, staff mentoring and development.

“Donovan Hannu has been my right-hand person for the past two years, as we navigated a global pandemic and the uncertain market conditions of the COVID era,” said CEO of Bay West, Dave Anderson. “He has proven himself as a master of execution and of developing high-performing teams. Dono is richly deserving of this recognition of his contributions and capabilities.”

Donovan said about the new opportunity, “Ten years ago, I felt very lucky to be able to be join a company like Bay West – one that is large, diverse and growing fast enough to provide a wide variety of interesting opportunities for all of our staff, yet still small enough for each individual’s voice to be heard. Now, ten years later, those feelings have only increased. Helping to maintain the culture as we continue to grow is my highest priority. I have also lived in St. Paul my entire professional career – it’s very exciting to keep building on Bay West’s past successes in St. Paul since moving the headquarters here from Duluth in 1987.”

On the personal side Donovan loves going on family camping trips, fishing while drifting down rivers in a canoe, playing bass with a fun band and tending to his lifelong Marvel comic book collection.



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