Bay West chemical cleaning line gains valuable experience in leadership role

Bay West chemical cleaning line gains valuable experience in leadership role

February 1, 2021 · Commercial, State, Municipal · , , ,

James Lehrke, the new chemical cleaning service manager, brings 20+ years to the service line.

chemical cleaningBay West LLC, back in mid-December 2020, announced the launch of its chemical cleaning service line. While being a new service under the Bay West banner, the chemical cleaning service team is far from the new kids on the block, with seasoned experts in place to further offer our clients a new service line to safely and efficiently clean their process equipment. Effective January 2021, this experienced team is now formally headed by newly appointed service manager, James Lehrke (LinkedIn profile).

Lehrke joined Bay West back in January 2020, serving as an Industrial Services Project Manager on numerous other client projects. Once Bay West had the chemical cleaning service line, the transition for Lehrke to head up the service was a no-brainer. He has extensive background in chemical cleaning equipment and has spent the past 23 years planning and performing these projects at oil refineries, power plants, paper mills and ethanol plants throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Bill Lazarz, Director of Commercial Programs for Bay West, had this to say about Lehrke: “Tapping James to lead our chemical cleaning service line and manage industrial service projects adds to our already strong and experienced industrial service capabilities.  James’ proven track record with clients and his no-nonsense approach to getting projects completed on time and on budget is a perfect fit with the Bay West team.” Said Lehrke about the new opportunity, “I have really enjoyed engaging with clients on such a broad spectrum of projects and service lines that Bay West currently offers, and look forward to helping expand it with my extensive chemical cleaning experience.”

Under Lehrke’s leadership, the Bay West chemical cleaning service line offers to deliver an immediate, 90% or greater efficiency boost to clients’ existing vessels and equipment.

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For more information about Bay West’s Commercial Program and other opportunities, contact Bill Lazarz or Matt Schemmel.


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