Chemical Cleaning

Vessel & System 90%+ Efficiency Boost

Proven Return on Investment

At Bay West, our experts will deliver a 90%+ boost to your system’s efficiency with minimal downtime and disruption to your operations.

Our highly trained staff have broad experience cleaning and improving numerous vessels and systems. You will immediately experience efficiency improvements.

Extend the life of your equipment

No matter what stage you are at with your equipment, Bay West's chemical cleaning service will deliver an immediate and proven return on investment. Extend the life of your equipment, and improve your ROI by reducing downtime and avoiding replacement costs.

High Efficiency Boost

Immediate performance boost for your existing equipment.


Pre-Operational Cleaning

Prepare new equipment for optimal use.

Pre-Operational Cleaning

Scheduled Maintenance

Reduce Downtime. Reclaim Efficiency.

Scheduled Maintenance

Acid Cleaning

Chemical Storage Neutralization

De-oiling / Degreasing

Our Services

Bay West Services

  • Acid Cleaning
  • Chemical Storage Neutralization
  • De-oiling/Degreasing

Your Equipment & Processes

  • Heat Exchangers/Condensers
  • Package Boilers
  • Piping Circuits
  • Tanks & Vessels
  • Lube Oil Systems
  • Rooftop/Fin Fan Coolers
Your Equipment & Processes

Materials to Treat / Remove

  • Residual Oils
  • Corrosion
  • Hard Water Deposits
  • Other Mineral Deposits
Materials to Treat / Remove

Extend your system’s life by years

Avoid weeks of installation downtime

Experience trackable improvements

The Bay West Advantage

Always On Site: HAZWOPER Trained Personnel & Site Supervisors with 20+ Years' Experience

Industry-Leading Safety Dedication

30% Safer than the industry average (0.70 Experience Modification Rate)

Industry-Leading Safety Dedication

Unparalleled Client Responsiveness

91% Very Good or Exceptional ratings by clients for “Project Management”

Unparalleled Client Responsiveness

Safety Record = On-Schedule Performance

87% Very Good or Exceptional ratings by clients for “Schedule”

Safety Record = On-Schedule Performance Services

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