Emergency Response Readiness (ERR) Retainer Program

It's time to renew your Emergency Response Readiness (ERR) Retainer for 2019.

Thank you for being a Bay West Master Services Agreement (MSA) Customer.

One of the many benefits of your MSA is the opportunity to subscribe to our Emergency Response Readiness (ERR) Retainer Program.

At Bay West we are dedicated to and prepared for responding quickly to your emergencies. As the leader in safety for spill responses, we take great pride in delivering our premium service for your most challenging situations. For only $400 you are assured the commitment and expertise we bring to every job.


  • Expedite your ER approval - Contractual agreement already in place reduces front-end paperwork
  • Skip the late-night contract signature – ERR contracts are signed in advance for just this reason!
  • Advance safety on-site training - We will familiarize our staff with any on-site facility training requirements
  • Don’t scramble for documents – You may provide Bay West with SDS documentation in advance to keep on file in the event of a release

Besides partnering with the leader in safety for spill responses, why should you subscribe to our ERR Retainer? First of all, the benefits:


  1. You receive first response priority over non-ERR Retainer customers
  2. Contract in place = quicker response time on all spills by removing front-end paperwork delays
  3. Receive one of the following options for FREE:

    • Emergency Response Facility Review
    • Environmental Compliance 2-Hour Consultation
    • Safety Compliance 2-Hour Consultation
    • Milwaukee M18™ Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Driver/Impact Driver Combo Kit (2-Tool)
    • Project Discount ($400 off when you spend $1,000 in consulting services with us)

Bay West is ready to continue to be the Emergency Responder you can rely on. Renew your contract with the industry's premium service & safety ER provider today.

Thank you for your business and your trust!