Green Work Practices & Initiatives

Green Work Practices

Bay West has integrated green and sustainable work practices into our corporate culture. Our staff is committed to developing innovative investigation and clean-up solutions that return contaminated property back to use, reduce associated life-cycle costs, and prompt sustainability.

We evaluate all of our proposed methods and strategies through each step in our investigation and environmental remediation projects to be sure they are considering the following key elements of green remediation:

  • Reduction of total energy usage and maximized usage of renewable energy
  • Reduction of air pollutants and air impacts
  • Reduction of water usage and water resource impacts
  • Protection of the ecosystem and promotion of best practices related to land management
  • Reduction of waste generation and improvement of materials management
Green Environmental Remediation Practices
  • To reduce water usage and water impacts, we manage wastewater treatment systems for reuse of previously non-viable ground and surface water
  • To help promote best practices land management and help protect ecosystems, we utilize native seed mixes to help sustain the native plant populations when possible
  • To reduce total energy usage, we re-use non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) for use in a fuel-blending process
  • To reduce waste generation, we utilize Green Deconstruction techniques for structures which divert waste from landfills and provides beneficial re-use of materials
  • Typically 60-95% of a deconstructed structures can be re-used


Green Investigation

Green Initiatives

We continually learn, perform and promote sustainability and waste management reduction initiatives. We're making cooperative efforts towards reducing our environmental impacts through our membership and participation with various programs and organizations.
Bay West's Green Culture
  • We've established a company "Green Team" that has led the way in implementing sustainable initiatives for our facility
  • Our household hazardous waste staff sort through enormous volumes of waste for distribution to recyclers, re-users, and disposal facilities
  • We support local industries by using local laboratories, drillers, concrete contractors, earthwork contractors, vacuum trucks, remediation contractors, and other services as needed to reduce transportation costs
  • We educate other personnel involved with our site work as an important step in positively contributing to the overall green effort
  • Laptops consist of 90% of the computers used at Bay West which are EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) certified through the EPA, and all of our used computers and electronics are recycled
  • We recycle re-usable packaging materials for site report delivery, submit electronic reports, or use double-sided printing/maximized margins/35% recycled content paper, and single report submission when possible
  • We support and encourage our employees to car pool, work from home, and use mass transit. Many of our employees bike to work to support air emissions reduction
  • Bay West is a member of the Beyond Benign Foundation Outreach group and EnergySmart
  • Rethink Recycling - Go-to guide for waste and recycling in the Twin Cities