Student Scholarship Program

A co-sponsored opportunity by Bay West and AIPG-MN

Students, take advantage of this great opportunity to get a leg up on your fellow students and get noticed by hiring employers as you enter the workforce!

Bay West and AIPG-MN are working together to sponsor two (2) seats in our next 40-Hour HAZWOPER training session for two AIPG-MN student members. This certification typically costs $975. Save yourself (and your future employer) the time and money and make yourself more attractive as an employee.

Who is qualified to apply?

  • Student who is completing a degree
  • Must be a member of AIPG (student membership is free)

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Why Get a 40-Hour HAZWOPER Certification
Before Getting Hired?

For any graduating geologist who hopes to start your career in one of the industries below, most jobs will require that employees be 40-Hour HAZWOPER certified before you can begin working in the field.

  • Environmental Consulting
  • Environmental Investigation & Remediation
  • Water Resources
  • Ecological Assessments
  • …and more

If an employer is looking to hire someone without this certification, they must pay for the $975 course PLUS one week of pay while the person is getting trained in order to get a new hire certified. All things being equal between two candidates, one with HAZWOPER and one without, the hiring company will very likely select the candidate with HAZWOPER certification.

Rick Van Allen

Rick Van Allen

Senior Project Manager · Geologist · AIPG-MN Member

“As a Group Leader at Bay West, I’m often involved in the interviewing and hiring process for entry-level field geologists and environmental scientists. This process begins with a review of candidate resumes. When we see that a candidate already has OSHA 40-hour training, that means they can hit the ground running almost on day one, rather than having to spend a full week in 40-hour training. This saves time and money and gives the candidate an advantage in a highly competitive job market.”

What is HAZWOPER Certification?

HAZWOPER is a set of guidelines made and maintained by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which regulates hazardous waste operations and emergency services in the United States of America. HAZWOPER applies to five distinct groups of employers and their employees according to OSHA). This includes any employees who are exposed or potentially exposed to hazardous substances—including hazardous waste—and who are engaged in one of the following operations as specified by Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.120(a)(1)(i-v) and CFR 1926.65(a)(1)(i-v)

  • clean-up operations—required by a governmental body, whether federal, state, local, or other involving hazardous substances that are conducted at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites
  • corrective actions—involving clean-up operations at sites covered by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA) as amended (42 U.S.C. 6901 et seq.)
  • voluntary clean-up operations—at sites recognized by federal, state, local, or other governmental body as uncontrolled hazardous waste sites
  • operations involving hazardous wastes—that are conducted at treatment, storage, and disposal facilities regulated by Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 264 and 265 pursuant to RCRA, or by agencies under agreement with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to implement RCRA regulations
  • emergency response operations—for releases of, or substantial threats of releases of, hazardous substances regardless of the location of the hazard.

Now that you know what HAZWOPER certification is, what the benefits are to you and your future employer, let’s get moving!

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