Bay West Opens New Duluth Office

From Business Banking to Banking on Business: Environmental Services Company Expands Across Northern MN/WI

Bay West, Inc. Opens New Duluth Office
ST. PAUL, Minn. (August 10, 2010) – Bay West, Inc., a Twin Cities-based environmental and industrial services company, is replanting roots in Duluth where the historic Park State Bank once resided. Although currently headquartered in St. Paul since the mid 80’s, Bay West began as a company in West Duluth back in 1974. They’ve recently taken occupancy of the former bank building, coincidentally located nearby the original office location.
The new Duluth office currently houses 3 Bay West team members. Anticipated staff numbers are expected to grow exponentially over the coming years, which should serve to help revitalize the area’s business community. “We take pride in contributing to the local economy and being a good neighbor in the community,” said Bay West President, Lon Larson. “Through our new office location, we can also now better serve the northern regions of the state with our full range of the environmental and industrial services.”
Dale Lewis, former owner and President of Park State Bank, says she’s thrilled to see Bay West re-investing in the community. “As Park State Bank has transplanted our roots into Lincoln Park, we are delighted that the planter we out-grew is being used, cared for, and again maximized to its potential,” said Lewis. “We are confident Bay West’s impact on the neighborhood will be extremely positive and can serve as a catalyst for new business development of appropriate size and dimension. There is plenty of room for more!”
Bay West had the honor of hosting Dale Lewis at their recent open house event for business partners, clients and representatives of the local community Wednesday, September 1, 2010.
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About Bay West, Inc.
Bay West, headquartered in St. Paul with 12 offices nationwide, is comprised of scientists, engineers, geologists, and environmental technicians who believe in making the world a better place today and tomorrow. The privately held 36-year-old environmental and industrial services company has a long history of success with delivering solutions to customers while keeping health and safety at the forefront of business practices. Bay West recently received the Governor’s Safety Award for its steadfast dedication to health and safety.
For more information about this topic or questions regarding Bay West’s professional services, visit the new, call 651.291.0456 (toll-free 800-279-0456) or email

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