Oil Spill Removal Services

Bay West meets response preparation for facilities or vessels regulated by the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) 90 allowing us to offer OSRO Services. We are US Coast Guard classified and the regional leader in OSRO responses and equipment and trained personnel.

How We Can Help
  • Facility response plan preparation
  • Equipment deployment drills
  • Customized tabletop exercises
  • Site-specific plan training
Benefits of Bay West’s Readiness Retainer Program
  • Guaranteed 365/24/7 response readiness from our highly skilled team
  • Discounted fee schedule rates of 20% should a spill occur
  • Discounted customized emergency response spill kits with on-site instruction. Purchases of $500 or more receive a 10% discount
  • Complimentary facility inspection and response plan with recommendations for maintaining a compliant, safe, response-ready facility
  • Full-service response from immediate phone consultation to prompt transportation & disposal of hazardous wastes generated by a spill