Household hazardous waste

We are experts in sorting, receiving household hazardous waste through our work with Ramsey County’s HHW program. We practice green initiatives when managing the enormous volumes of waste we receive by distributing it to recyclers, re-users and disposal facilities.

Products we accept

We do not accept appliances, televisions, or computers. View the full list of what we accept here.

  • Automotive products
  • Home improvement (paint, wood stains, etc.)
  • Cleaning products
  • Lawn & garden chemicals
  • Oil & oil filters
  • Recreational products (batteries, pool chemicals, etc.)
  • Items containing mercury

Year-round hours

December thru March

Friday and Saturday 9am – 4pm

April thru November

Tuesday thru Friday 11am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 4pm


    Know before you go

    • Proof of residency (ex. drivers license)
    • Open to residents of Ramsey, Washington, Hennepin, Anoka, Dakota and Carver Counties
    • Remain in your vehicle while a technician unloads your hazardous waste.
    • You may be asked to answer a short survey, your answers will help improve the household hazardous waste program

      Annual HHW in pounds

      • Latex Paint – 400,000
      • Oil Paint – 200,000
      • Bulk Flammables – 120,000
      • Fluorescent Bulbs – 80,000 (total bulbs)
      • Lead Acid Batteries – 50,000
      • Motor Oil – 150,000
      • Aerosols – 45,000
      • Pesticides – 50,000

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