Industrial Cleaning

MEC avoidance/construction support

Fort Lewis, Washington

The installation’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team typically performs on-call construction support, but with the current pace of military operations, Bay West was contracted by the Army (through the US Army Corps of Engineers) to provide unexploded ordnance (UXO) Technicians for construction support. Bay West’s work frees the EOD team to perform their necessary military training and other duties.


The role of Bay West’s UXO Team was to respond to requests from construction workers to evaluate any object they believe may be a munition. The UXO Team evaluated the item and determined if an EOD response was necessary. If the suspect item was determined to be a non-munition item, such as a piece of pipe, construction continued. If the UXO Team determined the item was munitions related, they further evaluated its explosives safety status. If it was inert, they removed it and construction continued. If it contained explosives, the UXO Team evacuated construction workers to the requisite explosives safety distance and called for a response from the installation. Bay West’s UXO Team delivered construction support services beyond requirements in several ways. The UXO Team provided a UXO recognition and safety briefing integral to the construction contractors safety briefings.

Prior to construction crews starting intrusive work, the UXO Team visually surveyed the surface of the area for the presence of UXO. They also performed a visual survey of backfilled areas. The UXO Team monitored construction work to help the construction workers to identify UXO. The UXO Team also monitored the movement and placement of soil to and from soil stockpiles. The UXO Team maintained good relations with construction crews and construction company managers throughout the support activity. This level of communication established trust between all parties and resulted in a willingness of the construction crews to call the UXO Team when necessary, thereby increasing safety at the construction sites.

Wendy Tindall


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