Seymour Johnson AFB, Goldsboro, NC

United States Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District · 2005 – present


In support of the US Air Force’s Performance-Based Remediation initiative, Bay West developed and executed closure/exit strategies for 16 Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) sites under this fixed-price, performance-based contract.

Within 2 years from notice to proceed, we implemented remedial actions at all 16 sites and achieved site closure/regulatory site closeout for 9 of the 16 sites. Subsequently, we have achieved site closeout on three additional sites.

Sites include 4 landfills, an active service station UST site, 3 former fire training areas, a former entomology shop, 2 flightline fuel hydrant system release sites, a former radar tower site, and 4 bulk fuel storage area sites. Contaminants include chlorinated VOCs, LNAPL, petroleum-based constituents, PAHs, metals, and pesticides/herbicides. Over 25 Bay West personnel have been utilized in the execution of the project including engineers, geologists, scientists, environmental technicians, and equipment operators. Bay West’s full-time, on-site staff and SJAFB field office was fully operational within 3 weeks of NTP. To help facilitate and expedite regulatory buy-in, the Team utilized Decision-Based Partnering, which expands on the current concept of partnering by developing decision points and decision logic to guide data collection and closure requirements.Bay West utilized the Triad approach to expedite site characterization and mesh data collection with anticipated remedial strategies. We utilized real-time laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) and cone penetrometer (CPT) data to evaluate LNAPL smear zones and develop three dimensional conceptual site models (CSMs) to target these zones during our remedial efforts at the bulk fuels storage area sites. Bay West has collected 500+ environmental media samples for chemical testing. All sampling and analyses have been completed in accordance with the approved Work Plans and Base-wide QAPP. All data is validated and put into AFRIMS/ ERPIMS, as well as the SJAFB GIS database.

Field Activities include soil excavation, landfill capping/improvements, biopile construction, treatment system installation (including adjacent to flightline), building demolition, and RPO efforts. Bay West is implementing traditional & innovative remedial strategies including: surfactant injection, in situ chemical oxidation, enhanced bioremediation, biopiles, monitored natural attenuation, building demolition, soil excavation adjacent to mission-critical communication cables, and multi-phase extraction/recovery. Bay West also optimized legacy treatment systems increasing contaminant recovery by orders of magnitude resulting in recovery of more than 70,000 gal of LNAPL. Bay West is responsible for RAO of 3 remediation systems associated with 4 separate ERP sites.

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