Confined Space Entry Training

Taught by credentialed safety professionals, our four-hour course is designed to assist employers to be in compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 confined space regulation.

Learn from the company that executes Permit Required Confined Space Entry projects on a weekly basis in high hazard environments versus death-by-lecture from trainers with limited recent, relevant experience to share in class. Our course provides industry-relevant direction on how to evaluate spaces within your company to determine if spaces are permit required or not. Topics includes roles and responsibilities of entry supervisor, entrants, attendant and rescuers; permit execution; basic energy control procedures/methodologies; atmospheric monitoring techniques; and hands-on training with non-entry rescue.

Lunch and refreshments included in $225 registration.


  • Entry Permit Training
  • Atmospheric Monitoring Techniques
  • Basic Energy Control Isolation Protocols
  • Confined Space Rescue