OSHA Compliance Services


The days of consultants simply submitting a report and walking away are over. We partner with our clients to resolve your tough compliance needs. Our Certified Safety Professionals offer diverse industry knowledge along with OSHA technical expertise. Our staff can successfully identify compliance risks and provide true cost-efficiency resolutions.

On-site OSHA Compliance Assessments

OSHA inspections are generally conducted without notice, so being prepared is your key to success. Bay West Certified Safety Professionals provide detailed assessments of both your compliance documentation (OSHA Logs, Training, and policies) along with executing onsite facility walk throughs to identify potential citations. That said, our Safety Professionals will collaborate with you to successfully resolve identified compliance concerns thus reducing your company’s risk profile for the unexpected OSHA Enforcement inspection.

OSHA Compliance Training


Bay West can customize the AWAIR annual training based on the past 3-year injury trends. We can also provide a quick overview of the written AWAIR program to ensure compliance with Minnesota’s OSHA. The following topics are included within Minnesota’s AWAIR:

  • How managers, supervisors and employees are responsible for implementing the program and how continued participation of management will be established, measured and maintained;
  • The methods used to identify, analyze, and control new or existing hazards, conditions and operations;
  • How the plan will be communicated to all affected employees so they are informed of work-related hazards and controls;
  • How workplace accidents will be investigated and corrective action implemented; and
  • How safe work practices and rules will be enforced.
Hazardous Communication (Employee Right to Know/GHS)

Bay West will conduct a detailed onsite evaluation to properly identify necessary chemical inventory along with proper chemical/container labeling per the new OSHA Hazardous Communication & GHS standard 29 CFR 1910.1200 and Minnesota Statutes 182.65. Upon completion of the onsite chemical inventory, we will establish a written Hazard Communication Program to include the following:

  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Procedure for obtaining and maintaining Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Labeling
  • Training Requirements
Respiratory Awareness

Bay West will provide OSHA 1910.134 Respiratory Protection Compliance training highlighting the following topics:

  • Respiratory Hazards
  • Medical Evaluations
  • Respiratory Selection
  • Proper Wear of Respirators
  • Fit Testing
  • Respiratory Maintenance
  • Use and Limitations of Respirator

Fit Testing – Qualitative (QLFT)  Method

Bay West to complete QLFT respiratory fit testing for full faced and/or half faced air purifying respirators. QLFT protocol will be executed with Irritant Smoke (Stannic Chloride) Protocol per OSHA 1910.134 Appendix A Fit Testing Protocols.

Fit Testing – Quantitative (QNFT) Method

Bay West to complete QNFT respiratory fit testing for Scott or 3M full faced and/or half faced respirators. QNFT protocol will be executed with certified PortaCount TSI fit test machine per OSHA 1910.134 Appendix A Fit Testing Protocols.