Vacuum Truck Services

Bolstering our full hazmat safety and regulatory expertise for our clients with vacuum truck services.

Headlined By Liquid Vacuum  Truck with On-Board VOC Scrubber System

In line with our position as the industry leader in safety, this vacuum truck offers impressive on-site safety components for Bay West staff and our clients, coupled with a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) carbon filtration system that substantially reduces emissions. Other key benefits of this truck for our clients:

    • Onboard VOC Scrubber System
      • 99% reduction of exhaust fumes on site while our truck is pumping
      • Drastically reduces impact on site for surrounding personnel or staff, in high hazard areas, and for nearby residential neighborhoods
    • Smaller Footprint
      • Onboard design means we do not require a trailer to haul a separate scrubbing system on site
    • Reduced Mobilization Costs
      • No trailer or separate unit also means reduced mobilization costs for our clients compared to the typical vacuum truck systems
    • Premium Safety Features
      • Assured grounding system
      • Emergency shutdown capability
Whatever Your Vacuum Truck Needs, Bay West Can Deliver

Backed by our impressive safety record, including a 2017 Experience Modification Rate of 0.67, you can count on Bay West's response experts to work with and around our vacuum trucks with the highest regard for the safety of our staff and our clients' personnel and property. Next vacuum service you need, make sure you have Bay West in charge of the operation.