We provide COVID-19 (Coronavirus) cleaning and disinfection services.

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Our Services

Delivering solutions in multiple sectors.

Cost Control

We identify the right solution while meeting budgeted time and materials.

Industry-leading Safety

Our Experience Modification Rate is 34% safer than the industry standard.

On Schedule

Our clients have surveyed ‘Very Good and Exceptional’ ratings for scheduling.

Our Services

We perform environmental, industrial, spill response, and safety services
for public and private sector clients across the country.

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection

Along with Center for Disease Control (CDC)-recommended guidance, we follow the safety and decontamination protocols for COVID-19 that have led us to an industry-leading 0.66 EMR (Experience Modification Rate).

Emergency Spill Response

24-Hour Response for the Toughest Spills

Environmental Compliance

With broad experience in numerous industrial settings and facilities, we can help you to navigate the regulations and effectively apply them to your operations.

Environmental Consulting

Our in-house engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, and other specialists offer the diverse technical expertise and regulatory experience to put your mind at ease.

Health & Safety Solutions

Trust our team of in-house Certified Safety Professionals to guide the way for your company and employees with hands-on, relevant training, program development, industrial hygiene and technical service.

Health & Safety Training

We provide customized safety training designed specific to your needs, including numerous hands-on demonstrations along with engaging class discussions.

Industrial Services

Our trained professionals perform industrial maintenance, site decontamination, and hazardous waste packaging, transport and disposal under a variety of state and federal regulatory programs.

Waste Management

When you hire Bay West for your waste management, you hire a qualified partner dedicated to taking the best path for your waste stream from your facility to end disposal.


Base Realignment and Closure


Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection

Along with Center for Disease Control (CDC)-recommended guidance, we follow the safety and decontamination protocols for COVID-19 that have led us to an industry-leading 0.66 EMR (Experience Modification Rate).


Defense Environmental Restoration Program
Formerly Used Defense Site


Formerly Used Sites Remedial Action Program


Performance-based Remediation
Performance-based Contracting

UXO Capabilities

Small business
Military Munitions Response
Program Contracting

Master Service Agreements

The MSA covers all environmental services offered by Bay West, from consulting to waste management to industrial cleaning and emergency response.

Why do I need an MSA?

A Master Service Agreement provides a common understanding of the terms and conditions associated with Bay West working on your projects and ensures you that the proper contractual protocols are in-place for all projects and services.

Having an MSA in-place gives you the ability to easily and quickly activate projects and services, including emergency situations, while also giving you access to all of the services Bay West provides if you ever need them.

Advantages of an MSA

It’s Free —There is never a cost to put or keep an MSA in-place.

Simple and Quick — Once the Agreement is in-place, you never have to worry about delays in activating your projects with us, including emergency situations.

Minimal Maintenance — The MSA remains in effect until either you or Bay West terminate it. We contact you on an annual basis (typically in October) to obtain any applicable updated contact information for our files.

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Bill Lazarz

Bill Lazarz

Director, Commercial Programs

Jill Lucas

Jill Lucas

Business Development Manager



Marty Wangensteen, PG, PE

Marty Wangensteen, PG, PE

VP of Federal Programs (USACE, Army, Air Force, Navy, EPA, DOE)

Josh Miller, PG

Josh Miller, PG

Federal Programs (USACE, Air Force)

Hillary Weber, PG

Hillary Weber, PG

Federal Programs (USACE, EPA)

Peggy Churchill

Peggy Churchill

Federal Programs (Navy, EPA)



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