Bay West has over 40 years of experience delivering hands-on environmental remediation services.

Our clients rely on our customer-focused service and experience and trust our results.



Spill Response

We perform air, water and soil investigations and
design corrective actions to achieve site cleanup/
closure in the most efficient way possible. Our seasoned
staff has the expertise and experience to provide a sole
source solution that takes your project from investigation,
through design and implementation to final site closure.
Companies who do not retain in-house personnel for
waste management services are some of our top clients.
By outsourcing to us, you benefit from our team who
specializes in hazardous chemicals and atmospheres.
We respond to more than 150 emergency and rapid
spill response incidents annually. Our clients receive
professional recovery and clean up of hazardous materials,
petroleum, and chemical/corrosive substances on land and
water, as well as abandoned containers and drums.

Waste Management

Health & Safety Solutions


With over 2,400 tons of hazardous, nonhazardous, and
special waste managed each year, you can feel confident
that your waste management needs are being met with our
services. And by relying on a network of licensed
transporters and disposal facilities, any waste produced
is disposed of quickly and under compliance.
On a daily basis, our personnel face some of the most
challenging high-hazard situations. Yet, Bay West
maintains a safety record that is above and beyond the
industry standard. Now, our in-house Certified Safety
Professionals, who train our own staff for these high-
hazard situations, and drive our strong safety culture
at Bay West, are offering hands-on, relevant safety
training and OSHA compliance assessment services.
Our in-house Department of Defense Explosives Safety
Board Technical Paper 18 (DDESB TP-18) qualified staff
have executed more than 50 MMRP projects at Army, Air
Force and Formerly Utilized Defense Sites (FUDS)