Health & Safety Solutions

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Health & Safety Services

Program Development

The days of consultants simply submitting a report and walking away are over. We partner with clients to resolve your tough compliance needs. Our Certified Safety Professionals offer diverse industry knowledge along with OSHA technical expertise. Our staff can successfully identify compliance risks and provide true cost-efficiency resolutions.

Health & Safety Solutions

Industrial Hygiene and Technical Service

Not just a consultant…a partner. We want to team with our clients to create a safety culture that aligns with your company values and vision. Reduced injuries, increased productivity, employee retention—it all starts with safety.

  • Exposure Assessments
  • Exposure Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluation
Health & Safety Solutions

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Our clients depend on Bay West daily for high-risk HAZMAT services, from hazardous waste handling to emergency spill response.

0.70 EMR

Our 0.70 Experience Modification Rate (EMR) in 2022 shows we are 30% safer than the industry average.


Broad, practical, regulatory knowledge and HAZMAT experience to solve any safety concerns.

Program Development

On-site OSHA Compliance Assessments

OSHA inspections are generally conducted without notice, so being prepared is your key to success. Bay West Certified Safety Professionals provide detailed assessments of both your compliance documentation (OSHA Logs, Training, and policies) along with executing onsite facility walkthroughs to identify potential citations. That said, our Safety Professionals will collaborate with you to successfully resolve identified compliance concerns thus reducing your company’s risk profile for the unexpected OSHA Enforcement inspection.

Health & Safety Solutions

Written Programs

OSHA requires a written program for several safety topics. A well-written program should function as a tool to guide decisions and drive actions. Our experienced Certified Safety Professionals can help write, review, and update your written programs to improve performance.

Health & Safety Solutions

Safety Gap Analysis

Our experienced safety professionals can help you identify gaps in your OSHA compliance efforts that you may have over looked or didn’t know about.

Health & Safety Solutions

Industrial Hygeine

Exposure Assessments

Using assessment checklists, modeling tools, reviewing process operations and materials involved, we can develop an exposure assessment that can be used to prioritize the installation of controls and scheduling industrial hygiene sampling.

Health & Safety Solutions

Exposure Monitoring

This can involve collecting air samples from the worker’s breathing zone during work activities to see if exposure levels exceed recommend exposure limits. Sometimes portable real-time monitors are attached to a worker to take measurements during the work activity. The end goal is to understand the risk of exposure to the worker.

Health & Safety Solutions

Indoor Air Quality Evaluation

IAQ evaluations can include a review of building HVAC system operations, measuring IAQ parameters, sampling for mold, monitor for dust and ultra-fine particles, inspecting for water intrusion.

Health & Safety Solutions

Respirator Fit Testing

We use the PortaCount respirator fit tester to ensure the respirator mask provides a proper seal to the user’s face. All our consultants have attended TSI PortaCount Academy and are certified to fit test with the PortaCount.

Health & Safety Solutions

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Industrial Services

Our trained professionals perform industrial maintenance, site decontamination, and hazardous waste packaging, transport and disposal under a variety of state and federal regulatory programs.

Waste Management

When you hire Bay West for your waste management, you hire a qualified partner dedicated to taking the best path for your waste stream from your facility to end disposal.

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