Emergency Spill Response

24-Hour Response for the Toughest Spills

Industry Leading 0.66 EMR

34% safer than our industry, even in the most challenging daily high-risk hazmat situations.

MN State ER Contract

The State of Minnesota relies on Bay West as a full-service emergency response contractor.

Leading OSRO Provider

We are US Coast Guard classified in OSRO responses, equipment, and trained personnel.

Secure our ER experts today, get your Master Service Agreement in place

Having an MSA in place with us gives you the ability to easily and quickly activate projects and services, including emergency situations, while also giving you access to all of Bay West’s services, should you ever need them.

Emergency Response Services

24-Hour Spill Response

We’re available to assess specific spill needs in advance and with in-depth knowledge of the materials our clients are dealing with, allowing for shorter response times.

  • In-facility chemical spills
  • Transportation spills
  • On-water spills
  • Petroleum and hazardous materials spill
  • Special and industrial waste spills
  • 24-hour technical assistance
  • Spill response supplies and products
  • Waste management
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems – UAS (Drone)
  • AreaRAE Systems
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita


Bay West meets response preparations for facilities or vessels regulated by the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) 90, allowing us to offer OSRO Services. We are US Coast Guard classified, and the regional leader in OSRO responses, equipment and trained personnel.

  • Facility Response Plan (FRP) preparation
  • Equipment deployment drills
  • Customized tabletop exercises
  • Site-specific plan training
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems – UAS (Drone)
  • AreaRAE Systems

Mercury Assessments

Liquid mercury is a hazardous substance that scatters into thousands of tiny droplets once spilled. Handling mercury spills without the proper training and equipment creates a significantly greater risk of exposure. We have highly trained and skilled emergency response teams to handle these situations.

  • Ensure clean-up has been property completed
  • “Gold Standard” for measuring minute amounts of vapor in the air
  • Provide real-time data on mercury vapor
  • Maintain Lumex Mercury Vapor Meters

Vacuum Truck Services

Bolstering our full hazmat safety and regulatory expertise for our clients with Vacuum Truck Services including On-Board VOC Scrubber System.

In line with our position as the industry leader in safety, our vacuum truck services offer impressive on-site safety components for Bay West staff and our clients, coupled with a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) carbon filtration system that substantially reduces emissions. Other key benefits include:

  • On-Board VOC Scrubber System
  • 99% reduction of exhaust fumes on site while our truck is pumping
  • Drastically reduces impact on site for surrounding personnel or staff, in high hazard areas and for nearby residential neighborhoods
  • Smaller Footprint
  • On-Board design means we do not require a trailer to haul a separate scrubbing system on site
  • Reduced Mobilization Costs
  • No trailer or separate unit also means reduced mobilization costs for our clients compared to the typical vacuum truck systems
  • Premium Safety Features
  • Assured grounding system
  • Emergency shutdown capability

Backed by our impressive safety record, including an Experience Modification Rate of 0.66, 34% lower than the industry standard, you can count on Bay West’s response experts to provide our vacuum truck services with the highest regard for the safety of our our clients’ personnel and property.

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection

Bay West has the trained staff, appropriate equipment, and response experience to conduct COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection that will help protect building occupants, our own staff, and the surrounding public.

Our team, all with necessary 40-HAZWOPER training, dons appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including full-face respirators and Tyvek suits. Along with Center for Disease Control (CDC)-recommended guidance, we follow the safety protocols for COVID-19 that have led us to an industry-leading 0.66 EMR (Experience Modification Rate).

Our services include:

  • Emergency Response
  • Proactive Cleaning for Workspace Readiness
COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection

Experience the benefits of our Emergency Response Readiness (ERR) Retainer program!

  • Guaranteed 365/24/7 response readiness from our highly skilled team
  • Discounted fee schedule rate of 20% should a spill occur
  • Discounted customized emergency response spill kits with on-site instruction
  • Full-service response from immediate phone consultation to prompt transportation & disposal of hazardous wastes generated by a spill

Related Services

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection

Along with Center for Disease Control (CDC)-recommended guidance, we follow the safety and decontamination protocols for COVID-19 that have led us to an industry-leading 0.66 EMR (Experience Modification Rate).

Health & Safety Solutions

Trust our team of in-house Certified Safety Professionals to guide the way for your company and employees with hands-on, relevant training, program development, industrial hygiene and technical service.

Industrial Services

Our trained professionals perform industrial maintenance, site decontamination, and hazardous waste packaging, transport and disposal under a variety of state and federal regulatory programs.

Waste Management

When you hire Bay West for your waste management, you hire a qualified partner dedicated to taking the best path for your waste stream from your facility to end disposal.

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection

Along with Center for Disease Control (CDC)-recommended guidance, we follow the safety and decontamination protocols for COVID-19 that have led us to an industry-leading 0.66 EMR (Experience Modification Rate).

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